About Nepal

1. Of the world’s ten highest mountains, how many are in Nepal 8
2. Which bird can only be found in Nepal? The spiny babbler
3. According to Hindu tradition, how many wives does the God Krishna have? 16,000
4. The area around Lumbini, the place where Buddha was born, is today predominantly? Muslim
5. Under which part\parva of Mahabharat does the Bhagwad Geeta fall? Bhisma Parva
6. Who actually wrote down the Mahabharat on the paper? Ganesha
7. Selo Nach belongs to which community? Tamang
8. In which day do we celebrate Buddha Jayanti? Baisakh Shukla Purnima
9. What is the name given to Newari priests? Gubhaju
10. What is the name of Araniko’s art style? Paitaste

11. Who ordered to construct Janaki Temple? Tikamgadh’s Queen Brishbhanu devi
12. Who was the 1st Nepali to win Magessesse Prize? Mahesh Chandra Regmi
13. When was National Sports council established? 2017 B.S.
14. When was the first National Sports event held in Nepal? 2038 B.S.
15. What was the mascot of first National Sports event? Danfe
16. In which 2 of the Asian games has Nepal not participated? 1st and 4th
17. When was CAN Cricket Association Nepal? 1946 A.D.
18. When did Nepal join ICC? 1996 A.D.
19. When did Nepal 1st take part in Olympics? 1964, Tokyo, 29th
20. Who was the first Nepali to win Olympic medal? Bidhan Lama

21. Who was Miss Nepal 2003? Preeti Sitaula
22. Which district of Nepal has highest number of gumbas? Solukhumbu
23. What is the Auditor General Folio Number of General Voucher? 10
24. What is the headquarter of Dolpa? Dunai
25. What does the 2 eyes of Swayambhu represent? Karuna- Swagyan-Knowledge
26. Snow leopard is found in which National Park? Sagarmatha
27. Which is the most prestigious prize in Nepal? Mahendra Mala
28. After Krishna killed Kansha who became the King of Mathura? Ugrasen
29. From when did Rs5 and Rs 10 printing start?2016 B.S.
30. When did Nepal got divided into 5 development regions? 2037 B.S.

31. How many districts are there in Narayani zone? 5
32. When was the first Nepali color movie made? 2034 B.S.
33. Which was the mountain on which for the first an international expedition team tried to climb it? Kanchenjunga
34. Mahendra Lake falls on which district? Mugu
35. Which mountain is also known as ‘Killer Mountain’? Manaslu
36. What is the real name of King Janak? Sheerdhwaz
37. How many ‘Purans’ are there? 18
38. What is the vehicle of Goddess Laxmi? Owl
39. When was the first Basketball tournament held in Nepal? 2013 B.S.
40. Which was the first Nepali movie made in Nepal? Aama 2012 B.S.

41. Which was the first movie in Nepali language? Satya Harischandra
42. Which was the first Nepali movie to be kept in the Internet? Badal Pari
43. Which is the first Nepali tele-serial broadcasted on NTV? Prithivi Narayan Shah
44. Where in Nepali can you find the signs of a volcano? Dullu, Dailekh district
45. In which district of the Terai region does the Mahendra Highway not fall? Parsa
46. From when did Gorkhapatra start in Nepal? 1958 B.S., Jestha 3
47. What is the year difference between Nepal Sambat and Bikram Sambat? 936
48. From whose regime were the priests of Pashupatinath appointed as Bhattas? Yakshya Malla
49. At what time did the 1990 B.S. earthquake take place? 2 p.m.
50. When was Radio Nepal established? 1951 A.D., April 1, 2008 B.S. Chaitra 20

51. Who was the first elected P.M. of Nepal? Biseshwor Prasad Koirala
52. Who started the system of using gold coins in Nepal? Rana Bahadur Shah
53. When was Nepal Royal Academy (currently Nepal Academy) established? 2014 B.S., 1957 A.D.
54. When did Nepal join the UN? 14 december 1951
55. When did a separate system of police start in Nepal? 1955 B.S.
56. What is the highest rank in the police force? Chief of police
57. From which language did Nepali language develop? Khaas bhasa
58. Who gave sagarmatha the name of Third Pole? Michael Karg
59. On which range under the Himalayas does Mt. Makalu fall? Kumbhakarna
60. When was the Sugauli treaty signed? 3 march 1816, 1872 B.S.

61. From when did Nepal open for mountaineering? 1949 B.S.
62. Which was the first peak of Nepal, above 8000m, to be climbed? Annapurna I
63. Who started the system of holiday in Saturdays? Bhim Sumsher
64. Who was the king of Nepal when Kot massacre took place? King Rajendra
65. Who was the last Malla king of patan? Tej Narsingh Malla
66. What is the real name of Araniko? Bal Bahu
67. Who was the second P.M. of Rana regime? Ranodeep Singh
68. Which crown price could not be crowned king? Trailokya Bir Bikram Shah
69. From which group did Nepal fight in WW II? Allied
70. When was Nepali Congress Party established? 1946 A.D. oct 13, 2003 magh 12

71. When did Narayanhiti Royal Massacre take place, mention the date and year? Jestha 19 2058
72. Who is considered as the first Martyr of Nepal? Lakhan Thapa
73. When was Nepal Bank established? 1994, kartik 30
74. Who was the first female to win Madan Puraskar? Parizat
75. Who started the system of passport in Nepal? Bhimsen Thapa
76. Who is nicknamed as the ‘Father of Schools’ in Nepal? Padma Sumsher
77. Who is considered as ‘Sringarik Kavi’? Moti Ram Bhatta
78. Who was the last king of gorkha? PN Shah
79. Which were the years in which 1st five year plan was operated? 2013-2018
80. From when did DNA testing start in Nepal? 2061 kartik 19

81. When did King Gyanendra proclaim emergency in Nepal? 2061 Magh 19
82. When did Nepal join WTO? 2004 April 23, 2061 Baisakh 11
83. When did Lumbini University get established? 2062 jestha 13
84. How many places of Nepal are listed in World Heritage Sites list? 10
85. How many percent of land must be covered with forest in a country for environmental balance? 43%
86. What is the average breadth of Nepal? 193 km
87. How many % of the total land of Nepal is taken by the Himalayan region? 35%
88. From where does river Bagmati originate? Baghdwar
89. How many districts of Nepal are bordered with India only? 24
90. How many districts of Nepal are bordered with India and china? 2

91. how many states of India does Nepal border with? 5
92. Which is the district with highest number of lakes? Kaski
93. How many National Parks are there in Nepal? 9
94. How many mountains are there in Nepal above 8000m? 10
95. Which is the district with maximum number of airport? Solukhumbu
96. Which is the lake situated at the highest altitude and what is its height? Tilicho 4919
97. How many districts are proclaimed as tea estates or tea zones of Nepal? 5 (Illam, tehrathum, jhapa, panchthar, dhankuta)
98. How much % of area has Nepal occupied of Asia? 0.3%
99. Which is the lowest place in Nepal from sea level? Kechanakalam, 70m, Jhapa
100. Which district is known as “The Kashmir of Nepal’? Jumla due to apples

101. Which is the largest lake in Kathmandu valley? Tau Daha, chobhar
102. In how many parts or divisions is the Hilly region divided? 3 Churia, Mahabharat, Midland
103. What is the nickname given to Saptakoshi in India? Sorrow of Bihar
104. How many seasons are there in Nepali calendar? 6
105. Which is the largest wild life reserve? Parsa wildlife reserve
106. How many strings are there in a ‘SARANGI’? 4
107. What are the five instruments of ‘PANCHEBAJA’? Damaha, tyamko, sanai, jhyali, narsimha
108. Which is the biggest instrument played in the ‘Panchebaja’? damaha
109. When was Privatization Act made in Nepal? 2050 B.S., Mangsir 19
110. Who established the ‘Chinnalata Geet Puraskaar’? Ramola Devi Shah

111. What is the present value of ‘Madan Puraskar’? 2 lacs
112. Which literary work first received the ‘Sajha Puraskar’? Ghumne Mech Maathi Andho Maanche
113. In how many year interval is the ‘Prithive Pragya Puraskar’ given? 5/5
114. From when does the modern time of Nepali Language start? 1955 B.S.
115. From when does the modern time of Nepali Literature start? 1990 B.S>
116. Which was the year when Prithivi Narayan Shah gave his Divine intervention? 1825 B.S.
117. When was Nepal Television established? 2042 B.S.
118. What is the vehicle of ‘BHAIRABA’? Dog
119. Who wrote the book ‘Ganga Gauri’? Lekhnath Poudyal
120. Who wrote the book ‘Akshar Mala’? Jaya Prithivi Bahadur Singh
121. Who wrote the book ‘Mero Pratibimba’? Siddhicharan Shrestha
122. When was the ministry of environment established? 2053 B.S.
123. Who was the Prime Minister of Nepal during WW I? Chandra Sumsher
124. What is the name of the elephant of Indra? Airawat
125. What are the 4 vedas? Wrig, Ajur, Sam, Atharva
126. What is the name of the dance that Lord Shiva performs? Tandav
127. Which highway is linked with the places Naubise to Pokhara? Prithvi Highway
128. Which country is the largest importer of skin from Nepal? Italy

Part ii]

1. The river which flows the high altitude is situated in Nepal. What is the name of the river?
Arun river
2. From which year did Nepalese Army started participating in UN Peace keeping Force?
2015 B.S.
3. Maoist Insregy in Nepal started from Which year?
2051 B.S.
4. Sabhamukh Subaschandra Nemwang belongs to which political party?
Nepal Communist Party (UML)
5. Give the total population of Nepal according to the census 2058 B.S.
6. Who brought the system of celebrating the festival “Gai Jatra”?
Jagat Prakash Malla
7. What is the rank of Nepal in Human Development Nations?
8. Who sang the song ‘Himalako kakh ma cha sano mero gaun, Parbatki chori hun ma parbati mero naum’?

Tara Devi
9. How much % of the total land of Nepal is occupied by Himalayan Region?
10. Who is Known as ‘Etihash Siromani’?
BabuRam Acharya
11. When was Rotatry club established?
5th Marga 2015 B.S.
12. When was the publication of “The Rising Nepal” started?
2022 B.S.
13. Who was the first women pilot of Nepal?
Rakshya Rana
14. For how many days did the Jannandolan II occurred?
19 Days
15. ‘Kusi Aunsi’ is celebrated as which festival?
Father’s Day
16. School Leavng Certificate S.L.C. was started By which Rana Prime Minister?
Juddha Shumsher
17. In which year, Manakamana Cable Car was estabilished?
2055 B.S.
18. What is the Nepali name of David’s Fall?
Patale Chango
19. Which is the most popular Folk Musical instrument?
20. What is the actual name of Birab Aryal?
Tirthanath Aryal

21. In which foreign Language Nepali Novel ‘Seto Bagh’ was translated?
22. In which district, the least rainfall occues annually?
23. Which Rana Prime Minister established Central Zoo?
Juddha Shumsher
24. Which Durbar is known as ‘Nowoche Durbar’?
HanumanDhoka Durbar
25. How many zones only touches the Boarder China?
26. In which district of the Kathmandu valley, Katuwal daha is situated?
27. Where is the headquater of Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation?
Ghandruk, Pokhara
28. Which 3 Article of Part II of the Interin Constitution of Nepal deals with Citizenship of Nepal?
8, 9 & 10
29. Which Bird is only found in Nepal? Specify Nepali name.
Kaade Bhyakur
30. Who is known as ‘Jana Kabi Kesari’?
Dharma Raj Thapa
31. Which king is known as ‘G Shah’?
King Gyanendra
32. Who is first Miss Nepal?
Ruby Rana
33. What is the recent name of ‘Gograha’?
34. What is another name of “Gauri Shankar Himal”?
35. Name two religious places in Nepal Which is situated above 12000 feet.
Mukhtinath and Gosaikunda
36. In which district does Lake Gaduwa is situated?
37. How long is East-west highway?
1030 Km
38. What is name of Nepal’s first daily Newspaper?
39. Who is the first foreign minister of Nepal?
Mohan Shumsher
40. In which year did the referendum of 2036 B.S. took place?
20 Baishakh 2037 B.S.
41. Who wrote the book ‘Ma’?
Balkrishna Sama

Ø N.B : Round 1 : Home Round
The questions will be based on Nepal. There are two sub rounds. The questions are transferable. Each question is worth ten points. If a question is answered incorrectly by a team, it will be transferred to the corresponding team. The transferred questions are worth 5 points.

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